SRA Consultation: Trainee Solicitor Minimum Salary


Invitation – review of the SRA’s minimum salary requirement for trainee solicitors

Employers are currently required to pay trainee solicitors a minimum salary of £16,650 (£18,590 in central London). The SRA is reviewing its role in setting the minimum salary for trainee solicitors and we would value your input to the review.

The SRA has set a minimum salary for trainees since 1982. In 1999 the National Minimum Wage Regulations imposed minimum pay requirements for all employed professionals. Since the Legal Services Act in 2007, the SRA has been reviewing its role as a regulator in the public interest, and focussing on the delivery of good outcomes to the consumers of legal services.

We are setting up focus groups in four locations to discuss the issues around the minimum salary. We would be delighted if any of your members or other contacts were interested in participating, and would be very grateful if you could forward this to them and ask them to respond directly to us. As the legal profession is becoming increasing diverse, and we aim to promote access to qualification from people from all walks of life, we particularly welcome group members with experience or knowledge of issues of diversity and access to professional work.

Individuals who are interested should contact Kay Page ( ) Places are limited so please respond quickly.

Light refreshments will be provided at each event. Please note: JLD members who are solicitors are able to attend either Day 1 or Day 2 events. Trainees and students should attend Day 2 events only.

Venue* Day 1 – Employers Day 2 – Trainees/Students Timing
Holiday Inn
Egerton Road
Wed 29 February 2012 Thur 1 March 2012 6pm – 8pm
Grand Connaught Rooms
61-65 Great Queen Street
Mon 5 March 2012 Tue 6 March 2012 6pm – 8pm
Marriott Hotel
Mill Lane
CF10 1EZ
Wed 7 March 2012 Thur 8 March 2012 6pm – 8pm
Renaissance Hotel
Blackfriars Street
M3 2EQ
Tue 13 March 2012 Wed 14 March 2012 6pm – 8pm

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